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Holiday Season

buy astelin nasal spray We start to spend money for this holiday season. We want to give a gift for someone who we love. We are out of control. We spend more than we should buy. We are getting frustrated when we see our balance in our bank or credit card. We are wondering why we should do next.


Working in this current economic crisis

The current employment situation may not be as pleasant as before. People in the workplace are feeling stressed; different situations are stretching the workers and their productivity. Layoffs, attempts at greater efficiency and increased productivity plus other cost saving measures are pushing workers to produce more output in a shorter time period. This greater efficiency may be able to boost productivity, income, and profits.


Being stressful and frustated working in this current crisis economic

Several years ago, the economic situation was so excellent. It was easier for people to find a job and to work in a company. We were also able to spend more time between working and relaxing time with family.


When every things are wrong …

“For the good that I would I do not; but the evil which I would not that I do” Romans 7:19

You want to do a good business. You’re committed to doing well and building a good business. But something just grabs a hold of you. You know it’s wrong. You asked help to God. You thought that God have not responded what you need it, you start heading in the wrong direction.


Finding Work You Love

When you find your passion, not just what you like to do but that which makes you want to get up every morning, you too will have a lifechanging experience (Condolezza Rice)

The world need you, your community needs you and your family needs you.
Have you found work that fits your personality and makes your life and world in a better place? If, so you are richly blessed. If not, keep searching – because the world needs your best work, and you should know the joy of finding it. Don’t give up or being frustated. God will help you if you asked for help. (3.20.10)


Stand firm and you will see!

Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today! (Exodus 14:13)