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For man – A Beautiful woman in the workplace

Most of beautiful woman are attractive women. You should not be suprised that you might be interested in her. She could make change dramatically anybody in the workplace. Your friends will bring a flower, candy, gift, a new notebook, hot tea to her. She will be the “princess” in the company. Most of your coworker will obey and listen what she said.


For woman – A beautiful woman in the workplace

When there’s a beautiful woman, an attractive woman, in the work place, the guys in the office may feel intimidated. Guys might bring her flowers, candy, gifts, a new notebook, even a pencil to her. If men give a woman this kind of attention, it has the potential to change the workplace.


Being unemployment

This current economic is not really good, many companies are getting slow down, the company need to reduce their employee to survive their financial and keep running the business. More than 1 millions people are becoming unemployment. Every single days, many employee lost their jobs.


People push me down

Dealing with people can be a painful and hurtful experience. Certainly, we have found a lot of people who try to push us down, for example when we are in a job, shopping center, market, parking lot, farmer market, hospital, airport and anywhere.


I am pleased everybody, but …

You’re definitely not alone. We are used to being a huge people pleaser. Our father and mother preferred to teach us to please everybody, especially when we were kids. They want us to have better communication, better cooperation and a joyful life with others.

But when things are going wrong, remember we are definitely not alone. Maybe we wonder why this isn’t happening to others, it is just happening to us. We are tired from helping and pleasing everyone else.


Being laid off

These are trying economic times. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 15 million people who were without work in March 2010.

Being unemployed can be a terrible strain. You work and strive to get your life back on track. Perhaps, you have visited a career services office and have consulted with many people. You are networking. You have updated your resume. You are applying for jobs and sending your resume for different positions every day. So far, you have received no good news.


Gossip & The truth

During lunch time, your co worker and friends are sitting in the break time. They are laughing and joking each other. When you pay attention closely, you heard that they mentioned your name. You were shocked and suprised. You trust them because they are your best friend or the whom you trust for.

It might be that you walked away and being sad, or you got mad and yelled to them. Either one, was not good for your own feeling and thought.


Honor thy father and thy mother

Good relationship will be built by trust, respect, good communication and love.

We need at least a spice to make our food better and delicious to eat. Spices make our food tastier. Looks like spices, Love is one of the spices that God have created and teached us through Jesus into our life.

When you are facing problems/issues with your father and mother. You felt that why they didn’t understand you, eventhough you think that they should understand you because you were born by them. You felt why this happened to you.


When people asked for your help…

Our family, friends, co worker even manager or boss are the most of person who really demanding or ask for your help. If you count, it might be at least one every day.