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Have the correct view of Satan! The devil came to kill, Jesus came to heal. The devil will feed us lies and try to convince us to sin. He is the “tempter”, that is his other name. He tempted Adam and Eve successfully in the garden! He tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus didn’t fail Continue Reading


Impossible to Possible

IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBLE! Wacthing Mission Impossible II was so excited. Every impossible situation were turning to possible situation. Agent Ethan (Tom Cruise) has so many difficulty in his mission to retrieve and destroy of a genetically created disease called “Chimera”. His friend injected Chimera to her body Their missions went successfully. IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBLE! We Continue Reading


Fall into temptation

Fall into temptation! Facing difficulty in life. Job 6:24 “Teach me, and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. People are SINNERS! TRY 3 BIG “F” Forget, Forgive, False Thought. Forget and Forgive what they have done and think about us ! False Thought – Put in our mind that we Continue Reading


Different Culture

There are many cultures in this world. Kissing, touching, sexuality, freedom to speak, freedom to act are common in some cultures. Which one is the correct one? Jesus was born and raised in the Jewish culture. Jesus brought His culture (God culture) to this world The answer: Follow Jesus and God culture in our life, Continue Reading