Happy Mother’s Day!

rencontres nationales sgdf Almost everyone in America celebrates it. We celebrate it to honor my mother and what she had done. Mother’s Day honors new mothers, who have recently given birth, and also include grandmothers.

http://www.lavozdeldesierto.com.ar/tymochka/5820 Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general. It is a day to recognize the positive contributions that they make to society. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, one week after National Dietary Fiber Day. (Wikipedia)

http://arungjeramcitarik.com/Sweater-Sweater-Women-S-Blouse-Clothing-?amp;-Accessories-DEE-Women-274033/ Everyone was happy to celebrate, but there are times when we have a hard time celebrating our mother, because we still remember how our mothers have scolded us or did not pay attention to us fully when we most wanted that. We know that it not easy to be overlooked, especially at that time we sometimes forget about our own mistakes.

ligar alicante gratis But we must remember; God is a most merciful and mighty God. He always has forgiven what we or our mothers have done.

navigate here Therefore, we need to examine ourselves, remember the mistakes we have made and the times when we might have disappointed our mothers with our behavior. We may have hurt our mother’s feelings, and yet rather than tell us she kept smiling and kept her feelings inside her heart, simply because she loves us.

coversyl usa Sometimes we do not realize the many things we have done. We do not visit our mothers often enough and maybe in the past few years are seeing her less and less. Maybe we were too busy with our own families, taking after our children, working long hours in the office, all the many things that keep us busy. Mother’s Day is an opportunity for us to honor our mothers. This day was very precious to us as a child, and yet now we realize we can take this day and express our love to our mothers who have done so much for us.

If your mother lives far away from you, you can still celebrate this day with a phone call or by sending flowers. If your mother or grandmother passed away, you can visit their graves and bring flowers In Remembrance of their love.

Thanks to our mothers who have raised us. And, thanks to God who has given our mothers to us, and has given our mothers the strength to raise us.(2011)

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