When our family is at the end of life

rencontre rr3 It was hard to hear when the doctor said that our family or love one was at the end of life (hospice). We were shocked and could not believe that it was happened to us. We have lived with good and bad time together. It might be our relationship with our loved one was good or not good. But we suddenly thought that we will loss our loved one soon. But remember, that at the end of life is not always at the end of life. It could just be a beginning of life. Understanding a true love and forgive the past life. It is hard. We just realized it. Time was very short. We have only less than 6 month to be with our loved one.

get redirected here Don’t ever give up. Trust God. Time is not short. Every second, minutes is in our God’s hands. Pray, trust and stay calm with God will clear our minds and thoughts. (2011)

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